Virginia Goodwill Network Public Policy

Updated: February 11, 2020

Strengthening Virginia’s Workforce Development System

The Virginia Goodwill Network supports the following initiatives:

Repeal Requirement of Suspension of Driver’s License for Unsatisfied Judgements or Nonpayment of Fines and Costs

The Virginia Goodwill Network is concerned the loss of a driver’s license has a significant impact on the ability of workers to get to work, especially those who have other barriers to employment. We view a punishment that jeopardizes access to work as counterproductive to the success of the worker and to the payment of ????nes and judgements.

The VGN supports closing the loopholes in Virginia’s predatory lending law. Payday and car titles lenders can charge 200%–300% interest and 90% are out-of-state companies.

The Virginia Goodwill Network supports Expungement legislation that removes barriers to employment for certain ex-offenders. The Assembly has multiple proposals before it that allow a person to petition for expungement of convictions and deferred disposition dismissals of certain misdemeanors and non-violent felony convictions. Where appropriate, Expungement can remove a significant barrier to employment for Virginians who have paid their debt, pose no threat to society, and deserve a second chance.


The Virginia Goodwill Network supports the proposed G3 (Get Skilled, Get a Job, Give Back) program of free community college tuition for jobs in high-demand fields, with added budget language to clarify it includes students enrolled in public associate degree-granting institutions, who complete non-credit workforce training programs and attain a relevant non-credit workforce credential or industry certification authorized under the New Economy Workforce Credential Grant program aka Fast Forward. G3 makes community college more affordable for low to middle income families seeking employment in high-demand sectors and Fast Forward has proven successful in supporting workforce credentialing programs at Virginia’s community colleges