About the Virginia Goodwill Network

The Virginia Goodwill Network (VGN) is a consortium of five regional Goodwill organizations to provide collaborative workforce development programs and services to tens of thousands of Virginians each year.

Collaborating to build our capacity to help Virginians work.

All Virginians have opportunities to work.

Leadership, Collaboration founded in trust, Commitment to excellence, Flexibility and innovation that make Goodwill competitive, Transparent, Respectful communication.

The members represent all areas of Virginia:

  • Goodwill of Greater Washington (Northern Virginia)
  • Horizon Goodwill, Hagerstown, MD (Winchester area)
  • Goodwill Industries of the Valleys (headquartered in Roanoke, serving Western, Central, and Southside, VA)
  • Goodwill of Central & Coastal Virginia (headquartered in Richmond, serving the communities of Hampton Roads and central Virginia)
  • Rappahannock Goodwill Industries(Fredericksburg)

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The VGN was formed with the vision that all Virginians should have the opportunity to work.

Today, in addition to serving thousands of individuals through our diverse employment programs and placement services, we offer hiring and retention solutions for employers and provide a positive economic impact on our communities. Throughout our state Virginia Goodwill Network members operate hundreds of retail stores, employing thousands of Virginians; while repurposing goods through our donated goods programs, keeping millions of pounds of material out of Virginia landfills each year.

So as you can see, Goodwill is much more than a major thrift store retailer. Our retail stores and other business enterprises serve to fund our true mission: helping others overcome obstacles to employment so they may find their purpose, reach their highest level of self-sufficiency, and become productive members of our community.

2019 VGN Statistics

The Virginia Goodwill Network is an economic engine for the communities we serve.

• VGN had a $694.6 million impact on both Virginia business success and tax revenues to government.*

• Nearly 6,000 individuals facing employment challenges were placed into competitive jobs in the community through Goodwill programs.

• Individuals participating in Goodwill programs earned 3,035 industry recognized credentials in fields such as technology, health care, and advanced manufacturing.

• Individuals who gained employment experienced a 52% growth in earnings in the three years following participation in Goodwill Services.**

• The three year unemployment rate for individuals completing a Goodwill program decreased 5.4% as compared to the state average of 1.5%.**

• The average wage at placement for an individual participating in a Goodwill program was $12.14 per hour.

• There were 109 Goodwill retail stores operated by VGN members in Virginia with sales of over $118.7 million.

• Goodwills returned more than $9.7 million in sales and employment taxes to the Commonwealth and the localities we serve and employed 3,262 Virginians.

• VGN members kept over 62.2 million pounds of material out of Virginia landfills through salvage and recycling efforts, including selling goods in our retail stores.

*Pollack Report Spring 2018

**Data as reported by Virginia Longitudinal Data Set (VLDS) and analyzed by the Robins School of Business at the University of Richmond.

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